Pure: an employee benefit card

Save your employees up to 15% on their everyday shopping


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Pure is a universal benefit that ALL your employees can take advantage of - and that could be in everybody's wallet in as little as four weeks. It's a Mastercard® prepaid card that gives your employees valuable rebates from leading retailers, including ASDA, Boots, John Lewis, M&S, Pizza Express, Travel by Inspire and Waitrose.

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Save up to 15% on your shopping

Employees can receive significant rebates of up to 15% at more than 70 national retailers, including department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, travel companies and leisure brands. Funds can be topped up by the employee at any time, using our app, online or text message services.

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How does it work?

You simply offer this benefit to employees and they sign up directly through the link we provide and pay a set up fee. Once they have received their card, they will be provided with the opportunity to top up using their debit cards at any time by text, online or using the app. Once they have funds on their card, they can spend and start saving on their everyday purchases.

You can also provide this benefit through salary, whereby employees can choose to have funds loaded onto their Pure card directly from net pay each month. Please contact us for more information about this service.

  • Chip & PIN
  • App and text (SMS) options for on-the-spot balance checks and top-ups​
  • Partner cards available
  • Lost/stolen cards can be cancelled and replaced


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More product information

Here are three scenarios that show the versatility of the Pure card.

Sarah, a working mum

This is Sarah. She tops up her Pure card from her salary every month, and gets a rebate every time she uses it in one of our partner stores.


Matt and Jo, a busy couple

Matt works full time, and has ordered a card for himself, and one for his partner, Jo. She doesn't work for the same employer, but she can use his account, too.


Tom, a HR professional

Tom is aware that his company's benefits scheme is lagging behind some of his competitors.